Society vs Unsociety

I don’t know how many of us would agree that,  we as human beings are trending in a virtual era. We don’t meet people upfront,  we text,  call or let them know before we pay a visit which was not the case when communication was not this easy.

The purpose of this blog is basically to talk about the changes that we see around,  how well we have adopted and how much are we compelled to adopt,  to continue to be a player in a game that we don’t know the rules about .

While I have grown up in my beloved country India with its special cuisines of Cricket,  Bollywood,  Slow but creeping global participation,  I have not met one individual who has been thoroughly happy,  proud,  or full of praise with the ongoing workshops around. As a child I wondered why did everyone complain of the actions of the politicians but never took any step to improve the situation  themselves or talk about the affairs that our celebrities had,  when they really had no possible links with them..  With growth I realised it is because people simply wanted to talk,  and they sought topics, reasons and interesting discussions and criticism is the most delicious thing to chew when you have nothing else served unto you.

Well,  that was still better when  we had people atleast talking human to human,  but now everyone is talking to their phones or computers.  So am I,  while I have so much to say I have no active listeners, I may have readers now on though.  However,  I am not sure yet how many are absorbed into reading it further.

Therefore without much ado,  let me try to strike a conversation with my readers here on what are the possible changes that they have observed around them and they have adopted too.  However they are half heartedly involved,  they wish they could undo the changes but they know the changes are way too large to now bring an end to.

My readers may be looking for an example,  therefore say,  when until 2000s we had PAkora, cutlet,  bhel as major snacks,  we have eventually shifted our appetite to pizzas,  burgers and pasta that give rest to our mothers and sisters or the best cooks at home for that reason and have shifted our delightful evening  Conversations to tele soaps.  We are enjoying it,  no doubts but we somewhere miss those days too..

Let us think more of such interesting things to talk about.  Until then I would like to put this blog to your test..

Thank you for reading through… Anubrata


Author: Yugadhikari


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