We have entered a race without intent.

With evolution from Australopithecus to the modern geek world today ( where all of us are almost tech-savy) we have come a long way.  It is not surprising as when we delve deep into our specian brain,  we realise who and why would the first sapien think of striking two stones at all? (which as we all know created fire) thus the inter stellar reach for humans and bringing the world into hands vide technology is no herculean task for human brain.  We are all enjoying progress,  comfort,  knowledge and skillful up gradation of our lives,  however we don’t wish to admit that we are losing time with fellow mates,  family,  children and nature for it. 
We simply like to roll the ball into the court of our kin and find suitable occasions to tell each other that you have remotely failed in being what as a social being you are supposed to be..
To cite an example,  I was having a coffee with a recent partner of a decade long relationship that ended into a shredder.  He mentioned that he felt that his lady love was inclined to a man who was working with her as he was capable of sparing more time with her than the other guy who was busy in his schedule..  Without going into further details I asked if he wished to give it another chance..  He mentioned he wouldn’t even want to think of it..  Surprisingly the guy who refused to accept the intricacy of a heart break did not realise that the very  reason he was adamant on not thinking of her but was sub consciously looking for reasons to talk of how betrayed he felt when his lady love walked out was because he was hung. He was hung by masculine hard-line emotions,  and was yet wandering into how and why things ended between them. I was eternally thinking that moment,  who in this situation was to blame?  Was it the woman who was feeling neglected under the realm of work pressure that strained their relationship,  was it the guy who entered into their relationship just at the right  place and when there was rift available or was it the guy who felt that a good career is equally important as is his love but didn’t realise that this could turn things undermining his emotions to this extent that he would be left empty..

While I walked home and pondered on it,  I drew that none, NONE WAS TO BLAME,  let us think over it  again,  while you could leave your comments below to agree or disagree but the participants in the scenario mentioned above didn’t have time.  They were running out of scope to meet regularly or spend time which is essential in any relationship as with the number of people we meet in our lives it is not difficult to have people out of sight out of mind in no time.  They therefore preferred,  to be with collaboratives at the same work place to save time on being together.  As if all emotions are no emotions anymore but have become documented doctrines essentially to be followed as members of the society.

The above scenario may sound clear-eyed as major love and break up scenario but it is not true.
Let me take the liberty of writing a little more on this and mention about mother – child relationship as I see around today. I may sound hysterical being a woman myself to say that working mothers may not be remedial in the over all  growth of their respective children.  Perhaps this was the reason that in Vedic era women were expected to stay at home and take care of their homes instead of doing laboured jobs.  On the contrary when we had thinkers like gargi and debaters like ahilya,  perhaps because they did not have to take the ownership of a second life with them. A marriage may be a man made institution and doesn’t necessarily restrict you to think ahead but a progeny may sound more than just an institution,  as it is a creation,  a life,  brought by the woman herself and the man she is associated with,  whilst the man may not be that associated biologically as a carrier as the mother.  Therefore she is now not one but two not in romanticism like we say the conjunct between a man and woman we say but she truly is not one but two now,  the essence of this being two is now getting diluted. With the increasing pace of rat race for material and money.
Again,  to cite an example,  I have beauty clinic close to my residence whose lady owner has a 5/6 year old daughter,  surprisingly the lady owner is extremely busy in her schedule and has expanded her business to the extent that she has branches around the city for her business,  but her flower like daughter is losing her petals at an alarming rate.  The child is left with the workers in the clinic and is constant fiddler on a mobile phone that she plays with.  There is no space for a playground around and even if there are children around there is no take there as all the children are doing everything possible but playing.  (including martial arts at their least possible interest).  The child therefore wanders all around and sometimes get the attention of the visitors to the clinic who ask her random cuddling questions like what is your name. Which class,  who is your best friend and so on..  She gets annoyed too,  but apparent from her behavior is the fact that her mommy must have given her strict instructions to not misbehave with any visitor as that is getting her newer toys (read mobile phones) so she plainly smiles and answers all questions in the most unwanted and hormonally unfeeling manner.
To sum up,  again I wonder who is wrong,  the mother who has to earn,  and I am sure her intent to earn would be the well being of her child too,  the visitors who is visiting her clinic despite seeing the neglect of the child but encouragingly helping the mother to go ahead in her ambitions or us as society where we are running,  running and  running,  why, where to and until when we don’t know.  Has the race any end,  should the race have an end at all is left to be answered by all of us.
I will be happy to discuss more on this from your comments below.
Please share the post and discuss in detail for more inputs from all around.
Thanks for reading through.  Anubrata.


Author: Yugadhikari


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