Health.  To me the answer would be Health.  Your answers may be different and please share in your answers with me and the readers of this column down below in the comments section.  However,  most of us have begun assuming this enormous wealth to be pertinent and that we can be wasteful about  it without even worrying what is in store,  for the extravaganza.
Well,  this topic may sound utopian,  many many scholars,  doctors,  dieticians,  parents, elders have given us theories on maintenance of health,  but most of us do not bother about the sermons and nevertheless,  forget it over a period of time and why not forget,  as the preachers are seen themselves practicing none of the doctrines they would have imparted,  I am sure all of us would have seen doctors,  dieticians,  parents getting into some unhealthy habit which very apparently will be of ill- effect in the course of time.  Therefore we do not take any of the sermons seriously.
That doesn’t resolve though,  if we parrot all that we see or  practice in herd it will have an effect that for obvious reasons are not healthy.  Thus, we need a refresher  course now- of the chapter –  Health is wealth from our primary standard,  moral science text book.  That is the whole purpose of today’s word.
A hilarious example of defiance of our own conscious is the passive voice within ua that cites enormous justifications  everyday to not wake up or tie up the jogging shoes every morning just because maybe it is rainy ,  or cold,  or hot,  had a cough last night ,  a bad dream that caused a delayed rise up in the morning or maybe we have an important meeting that needs the best of the looks for the day and thus another hour of beauty sleep and so on and so forth. We are not the only ones,  how many of us actually see the same face every morning,  when out for walk,  except for the same canines in our lane,  who by now know you by fragrance and looks,  the sapiens change every morning.
We have been voted as the Diabetic capital of the world,  one in every 3 people are diabetic and the not so privileged strata of society have members in their family who aren’t even aware that they are carrying an ailment so beastly unless they succumb to it.  The burning question today (in the words of the most talked about today, Mr. GOSWAMI)  THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW  who should be blamed for it?  The people who are careless,  The tempting Street and Fast Food corners, available money to buy it randomly,  the (Usain bolt)  speedy life style or our ignorance about our own body?
This is a complacent question again left as food for thought now (our brain needs food too,  it’s not just the body!!!).

Let us now move on to the mechanics who pledge to repair the bugs once caught – our doctors and medical experts. Are they handling the issues well? Are they honestly,  sincerely following their pledge?  Burning question again.  This reminds of a recent traumatising  incident that I went through in a reputed hospital in a city like Pune,  where I was almost on the brink of being dragged to the operation theatre for an eye surgery by the ophthalmologist for a chalazion that hit my right eye.  His pursuance and some home work on the Internet boosted my confidence to seek second opinion that very obviously refuted any necessity for a surgery,  that which shall automatically heal.  The ethics,  the belief,  and my entire faith on the nobility of the profession was moved. I now began to be super sure that you need at least two opinions for any simple issue, before it is turned to become a gigantic matter by virtue of blind faith on the master of your health for that point of time . Now that needs twice the fees,  that needs more work,  more work = more neglect for health.  Therefore we are almost caught.  CAUGHT in the Web of doing a lot extra for a bit gain.  The only way out of this possibly could be PREVENTION,  AS WE SAY PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE,   If youngsters take care of their health,  early in their lives the demand for doctors shall reduce and thus the supply over a period of time and thus this curve of demand vs supply shall eventually help our doctors face less competition and perhapsthe ethical portion shall also be restored.
Tomorrow is our Great thinker Swami Vivekananda’s Birth anniversary,  our best Celebration of his philosophy would possibly be the fact that, the Youth is responsible for the nation and it’s progress and in his words again,  HEALTH SHALL REMAIN THE GREATEST WEALTH.
Thank You for reading through.. Anubrata (Yugadhikari)


Author: Yugadhikari


2 thoughts on “WHAT IS WEALTH?”

  1. Very well scripted ..love those tips for keeping healthy..eat less craps and eat more food should be the bottomline..
    Keep posting more tips nd blogs..:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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