While the nation is worried about employment for young generation,  the mid age potential but unnoticed group of people between the age of 40-60 years who have almost lost the opportunity of not taking birth in the tech-era and are losing grip and none of us are worried about them.
They are not old,  not sick,  not dependent and therefore do not need our attention?? Is that really so?
I know a lady who was well educated by her parents when during the 70s era,  women – education just creeped in our nation widely,  but was immediately married off and could not really do much of the education she received from her parental place,  she is now done marrying her children off and has got nothing much to do,  whilst her husband is busy with the worldly affairs  including politics,  post retirement investments,  planning holidays,  and post work committee membership etc. She, while is educated and knows most of the things that is expected of a sophisticated lady but is not able to buckle up to walk parallel with her family wherein her children is busy in their lives,  husband in his’ and she has got her potential wasted so well today,  that she has not got much to do now.  She takes to gardens to plant new flowers,  knits wool,  talks to her unwilling children and husband who is not really much interested in her greying hair, except for the best cuisines that she prepares to the best of everyone’s  interests but nobody is really interested in what she wants or what could please her. What is worrisome all the more is that – her age doesn’t even permit to go out looking for jobs anymore as we have age restrictions in all the sectors of work today including private and public sector where no matter how well skilled or fit you are,  you are not allowed to join the race with respect to the age that you have got yourself into.  This doesn’t sound too rational though. How does her age matter in any sector,  as long as she knows what is to be done at the work she takes up..  Please leave in your opinion in the comments section below, if you think there’s any different opinion you have about the aspect. 
The western countries allows members of various ages to enter school and college when they want and feel the need,  we possibly do not allow the potential members amongst us to run in the race as we want the competition cut short.
I would not want to sound feminist  by citing only women here.  I know that a lot of members from the other gender who are tasking it hard to cope up with technology taking over manual tasks at their work place,  they feel humiliated of not knowing the systems well and find it tough to cope up with the younger generation who are born tech savvy considering that they have mobile phones and computers in their hands from the moment they are born. We may now become argumentative about it- that people who are not competent may be impending the progress of the sector. However do we really just need competitive and not experienced people? I think it is important to not waste their potential and open up space for people who have equipped themselves well in their era,  got themselves educated learnt their skills well but are failing to keep up pace due to changing social scenarios,  due to gradual globalisation and to top it all,  the dawn of technology.
The recent census have shown while 41% of the Indian population is under 20 years 9% is above 60 years,  the rest 50% is between 20-59 years.  This generalisation is too huge  to decide whether the demographic dividend is really working in favour of our progress or working against because if these are the numbers to go by,  half of our 50% population will not be allowed to enter any sector of work place because we have age restrictions by virtue of regulations or social pressures.
This is a virtual discrimination per age, because we still live as per the pre independence norms where people entering a certain age were considered rudimentary in the society.  If we are truly globalising we need to adopt the progressive aspects of the various cultures where age is nothing more than  just a number.
Thank you for reading through… Anubrata(Yugadhikri)


Author: Yugadhikari


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