Unlike other animals amongst whom social relationships, post the process of procreation hardly matters, human beings are technically created to be sensitive to relationships throughout their life.

We as most advanced creatures of the Almighty- define lawful and unlawful relationships in our own terms for all genders.

However, just when we find that some untoward relationship around us is visible & it does not fit into the stipulated formula for the society we begin to stigmatise it. All of us would agree that we generalise , feel amazed & rethink on the acceptability of the relationship.

I wish to cite a short example on this-

A young, jovial and bubbly lady in her mid 20’s is apparently a teacher to a bunch of young boys who perhaps would be of her contemporary age or a year junior at the most. She, being a post graduate has sufficient qualifications  to be teaching others. However, the very fact that the age difference is seemingly low and in addition to the fact that she is still young to be a formulated teacher ( as per social terms ) raises quite many eyebrows in the neighbourhood. The scepticism of our society in such an instance is valid.


Because  I have also  read of many instances in the media where many kinds of crime including socially polluting , murders due to infatuated rejections, and an eventual ill  impact on successive generations has occurred. The question, therefore is, whether perhaps, an honest , rightful, sanctified teacher of the age as mentioned is doing anything incorrect or is it our stipulated rules , incorrect?

It is basically quite an unsolved issue while on the one hand , we are virtually, hindering some one from exercising their liberty to practice the profession they want, on the other hand, whether the profession is duly practised may remain quite a  mystery behind doors of individual homes.

This topic does not end here as actually this gender vis-vis relationship does not have anything in black or white, it is all in grey. We may continue this aspect in case of co mingling of any two persons of opposite genders in any venue concerned.

They may just be casual friends. They may be in love, may be an acquaintance only. We as social beings stigmatise, add fire to it and bring the two individuals to the brink to either part or even rethink whether they are allowed to remain an acquaintance in the neighbour’s eye.

Please share your  thoughts in the comments section below.

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Author: Yugadhikari


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