While we read,  watch,  get cautious, become preventive and even enjoy crime,  thriller and suspense stories. Do we sometimes invest our time to ponder what could be the reason  behind each crime that is committed. Why do we,  as human beings, the most evolved creation of our Lord take the pain of making,  bringing and creating situations in our life and make it tougher for ourselves and our society to live a happy, healthy and safe life instead we could do simple things and not carry the heavy burden of committing crimes and suffering for ages against the offence.

In legal language,  theoretically,  it is read as ‘mens rea’  which in simpler terms refer to the mental condition of a criminal that leads him to commit the crime. It is further explained that if there is no mens rea there is no crime which means unless one really intends to commit the crime. It is not a crime. Therefore the commission of crime is basically all dependent on the actual purpose,  intent and motive to offence.

When we look around we see many such situations where Mr. X and Mr. Y deprived by society,  life,  fortune and sometimes even vengeance that in reality commits the crime because he no longer has the potential health in his brain that can help him restrain from an act that is practically fatal to life and society. However when we dwell further into the justifications of the occurrence we realise that the commission of the crime by Mr. X or Mr. Y is very obvious and natural. Say for example,  he doesn’t have the requisite financial stability to even support one square meal a day,  or he has seen extreme injustice against himself or his closed ones,  and to restore justice to the individual or his family would almost need a whole process of a lifetime and therefore is futile.

Let’s take a fictious example  of a man who was erroneously jailed for years together against the allegation of theft which amounts to maximum of punishment for few months.  He constantly fought to be freed and maintained that he had not committed any crime,  which  was later found to be true but when he felt the heat of injustice burning him for years and having seen that neither his society nor his surrounding has taken the pain or even fought for him,  he refused to seek any bail and then consisted that he should be jailed because he has committed the crime and must not be therfore freed. The authorities after realising their blunder seeks apology and offers to restore his dignity  and other losses that has been inflicted upon him. The years whereas lost was so deeply impactual on him during his youth and vital age that the loss to the society besides himself was practically not possible to be restored or retained.

This instance was of a man who was erroneously jailed, was inflicted with severe harm on mind and life of a youth and in turn our society. This example is a vivid picture of one of the many reasons that could make a potential ground for mens rea as we discussed above.

Let’s now discuss an absolutely different and contrast instance where a man with humangous amount of wealth tries to cover the entire wealth in the garb of social welfare,  supplementary business or even foreign wealth and here in turn deprives the many employees who works for him of their eligible wages. These employees or workers having surrounded with various, newer and colourful extravagant materials seeks many ways of valid and invalid ways to acquire them. This leaves us with a question aren’t both –  the one in abundance and the one dipped in deprivation both incorrect and criminals? The level of incorrectness though varies.

We could thus think, and infact think deep,  why,  who and when should an action or a step as such be taken to maintain the health of our brain equally well just like the way we maintain our body,  or our figure for that reason and that it is not late to return. What may look like a shallow level of envy or jealousy today may turn to a huge level of crime that may cost a life, dignity, civic respect,   severe time and social harm.  There is no return from the clutches of crime or law and even if there is,  it is virtually impossible to return to moral rejuvenation after having lost the mental hygiene. It is important for all of us to make rigorous efforts to avoid any such vice – including  jealousy,  hatred, petty cruelty or anything that our ancestors,  elders,  books and most importantly our conscious tells us not to do at the very micro level to ensure that we don’t need larger treatments tomorrow. It is preventive,  curative and the remedy to any such unhealthy, unhygienic thoughts are home made and absolutely free and available.  We just need to take steps that we make use of those remedies at our individual level and impart them to our successors immediately instead of waiting it to become fatal.

Punch in your thoughts or anything interesting in this respect below…

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Anubrata (Yugadhikari)






Author: Yugadhikari


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